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Agate Beach has its own mystique, which always brings it huge waves, and one of the best views available from any beach on the island. The thing that makes it more unique from any other beach on Lopez, is the sound of the tumbling pebbles on each wave. The beach is structured in a way that when a wave hits the beach, it pulls back many small rocks with it creating a very relaxing melody. It could be referred as a rainforest sand tube.

Agate Beach is mostly full of small rocks, but if you come on a very low tide, the sandy banks will arise out of the water. You can walk along the tidelands all the way up and down the beach, but make sure you look at the public beach boundaries before walking the beaches, half the of the beach is privately owned. Midway on the beach, there is a huge bare rock about 50 feet away from the beach. On very low tides this rock is accessible without getting wet. This is no private property so don't be afraid to enjoy it. Agate Beach was donated to the public from our Great Grand Father Seth Richey in 1948.

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